Friday, February 02, 2007

Friday!!! Woo hoo!!!

I'm a sucky blogger. And I can't figure out how to get pics on here. Because I'm computer illiterate.

Here is what is on/off the needles:
-Hedera's are done! They're kind of wonky, but after blocking, they should be cute. I modified the pattern due to the yarn I was using, but they turned out pretty cool.
- My mom gave me this funky yarn for's a crazy fluffy mess with extra long eyelash mixed in. It's way crazy, but I decided to cast it on just to see what it looks like. It looks like...crazy. And I like it, so I'm doing a long, funky scarf with it.
- The second "Twilight Zone" sock. The first was ugly, but I'm having problems with just having one finished sock. It haunts me, so I'm making it's mate.
- My Knit Picks order came yesterday, and I'm casting on a Jayne Cobb hat tonight. The husband watched "The Message" last week, and was asking about the hat. I had already decided to make him one as a surprise, so I guess I need to go ahead and get it made.

Oh well...back to work and watching the clock!


Ebony said...

The easiest way, I've found, to put pics in posts in blogger is this:

1.Upload the pic to a hosting site like photobucket.

2. Copy the html link from photobucket for the given picture.

3. Paste the link into your post where you want it.

Alternatively just click on the picture icon above your post in the toolbar and go from there. Blogger takes forever and sucks at posting pics this way IMO.

Hope this helps.

Wierdlings said...

When you choose to post an entry.

1) Click the mountain looking icon, this says to ADD IMAGE.
2) Browse on your computer for the image.
3) Select it.
4) Choose how you want the image to be oriented to the rest of the post.


Even then you can still drag the image around your entry if it does not go where you want it to.