Thursday, February 08, 2007

I love sinus infections...

But really...who doesn't? At least the meds are fun.

Anyhoo, finished two (count em! two!) Jayne hats this weekend. Wool of the Andes is fabulous to work with. I will absolutely use it again. Now, the old man and I can be matchy-matchy in our hats.

Finished my crazy may be a little too crazy for me. It knitted up quickly as I was waiting in the doctor's office on Monday.

I'm working on that darned Twilight Zone sock. We're going on a road trip this weekend, so that means "knitting time!". I'm trying to decide my next project....I have some Knitpicks Memories in the Smores colorway, and I was thinking about Monkey from Who knows? I tend to have project a.d.d. these days. Who am I kidding? I have regular a.d.d. everyday!

Work has been a total suck-fest this week, so I'm ready for some well needed tv & knitting time tonight. I bet I can get through the heel of this sock while watching the Office, Grey's, 30 Rock, and Nashville Star. (God, I love tivo.)

The man is supposed to help me post pics this weekend, so my many fans can do more than read words. Words, words, words.

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