Monday, June 11, 2007

WWKIP Day? Missed it.

Okay, so Saturday was WWKIP day. I didn't K at all, in P or otherwise. It's surprising, because I'm always K'ing. But I had good reason.

We got up Saturday morning, hopped on the bike and headed to Memphis. We got to our room, checked in, and headed to the Flying Saucer for beer and lunch. (Purple Haze on tap and brats...perfect meal.) After a nap, we headed to Huey's for more beer, and to Rendevouz for ribs! We walked down to Beale and hung out at Silky's for awhile, and realized that it was really late, so we stumbled back to our room.

After a fabulous breakfast on Sunday, we rode back with perfect weather. All in all, it was a perfect weekend.

Now, as for Sunday night's festivities, I was less than impressed. I'm talking about the Sopranos finale. I was super pumped about how Phil got what was coming to him, but less than pumped about the rest. Tonight's the Big Love season premiere. Yay!!!!!

Here's a list for this week. Not the same as previous lists, but here we go.

Top 5 Bars

5. Silky O' Sullivans, Memphis - Dueling pianos, Diver buckets, a goat that lives there. What else do you need?

4. Bumpers Bar & Grill, Iron City, TN - Ahh, the redneck hangout of my youth. Many a Friday (and Saturday) were wasted (oh, wait...I was wasted) here. I haven't been back in years, but it's still a fave.

3. Flying Saucer, Several locations - I live in a town with no draft beer whatsoever. So this is like Mecca.

2. Tootsie's Orchid Lounge, Nashville, TN - Shoulder to shoulder drunk people singing country songs as loud as they possibly can. Not for the faint of heart. Actually, not for the sober.


1. Florabama, Orange Beach, AL & Pensacola, FL - You gotta love a bar that gets partially destroyed by a hurricane, and instead of rebuilding, just straps a tarp over the broken parts. Classic white trash bar. I make a annual pilgrimage to Mullet Toss, which is a huge celebration around people throwing fish across the state line. It's the best.

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sydney said...

I completely forgot to knit in public on Saturday. You had a much better reason than I did. It sounds like a fun weekend!