Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I'm trying...

Okay....So the last post and all of the ufo's? Not much to tell...I did finish the wristlets, and promptly cast on another. I should have several, since I have the coldest hands in the world.

The kiddo had his first soccer game last weekend. Does that officially make me a soccer mom? I don't think I'm ready for that title yet.

So--here's my list of randomness for this week.

What I'm watching - Corner Gas. WGN just started airing episodes last night, and I'm hooked.
What I'm reading - Laurell K. Hamilton's " Incubus Dreams". I'm trying to do this whole "read a book a week" thing. Part of that is exploring new authors that I've never read. Always looking for suggestions. I'll read anything.
What I'm listening to- this week is a random week. I go from Dr. Dre to the Grateful Dead in 0-2 seconds. I'm just keeping the iPod on random.

I'm also starting the major diet today! No more Little Debbie Cakes! No more chocolate! (Except for maybe just a little dark chocolate. It's good for the old ticker, I hear.)


Anonymous said...

Congrats on giving up the sweets. I am almost a month into my No Sweets adventure and it's going well. I haven't lost any weight yet, but I don't really miss the candy and stuff. My motivation? A skein of STR for every two weeks that I go without breaking it. AND, sweets for our Christmas road trip from Indiana to Maine if I'm a good girl from now until we leave the county in December.
Good luck!

Sydney said...

I like wristlets and fingerless mitts. My hands stay cold in the winter.